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June 26, 2011

The Continued Adventures of ShutterStem

written by natevw @ 12:33 am

The working motto is that ShutterStem is “trying to make taking photos fun again”.

And it’s this nebulous dream, and that’s okay for now.

Some moonbeams for holdy paws:

  • so iCloud is a relief. I doubt they even sync metadata, but at least Apple finally woke up and realized that they needed to do something about the iMac sitting at home not being useful most of the time.
  • sync was gonna be the killer feature that made the world beat a path to ShutterStem’s door, but giving everyone a private server without needing everyone to be a devops ninjas and/or having to make hardware etc. etc. is a Hard Problem even with a CouchDBs at ones’ disposal.
  • so it’s nice that iApple have tackled the low-hanging fruit and the 90% may soon have something practical, useful, and just works, while still meanwhile I “trying”
  • what is an ShutterStem? then?
  • the medium-term goal is just a collection of tools that shows off why I heart CouchDB and how it can help a small niche of photographers who insist on doing some things the hard way (=my dad and me and you if you want) get things done a little more easily and better…ly
  • so you’re rewriting stuff again and this will never be finished?
  • probably? look. this is not just an audacious dream of a platform for photos, but it is also a platform for a bunch of audacious ideas about how the web should just connect people to extensions of their own selves and to extensions of each other, rather than be the warrantlessly searchable home of all our eggs in one basket. this kinda stuff takes time, filing out all the paperwork through the proper channels and whatnot if you aren’t impressed with ill-fated shortcuts

French Revolution?! Where were we. Oh yeah…

  • photos fun again?

So I’ve had this vague notion that my photography hit some something and then wasn’t fun anymore. That’s really all this little ShutterStem hobby is about…playing with the slightly more “revolutionary” side of some neat technologies to somehow somewhere get back to the days where I were outside taking pictures that were fun to look at again and again. It doesn’t matter that App Stores are evil or any other stupid politics… I just wanna help make some photo app that kinda surprises and delights even in its nichey nerdishness.

So what’s the wall, where maybe should I push for revolution?

I wonder if it’s…if it is related to my capacity for mental inventory? I have a bunch of gadgets…but I know where each one is, and all its accessories. I have piles of books…but I can picture each one on the shelf in my head. I have tons of deadtree and digital documents…but I can generally track down the one I’m looking for. I even know where, within our two-year old’s scattered arsenal of real and supposed toys, the better part of half our kitchen utensils likely lie….

But I might as well be backing up a bazillion blurry photos, because that’s the haystack that one day my brain stopped looking for needles in. And I wonder if that’s when photos stopped being fun?

So besides being OpenDoc, besides being Unhosted, besides being W3C or RFC-worthy or maybe instead of any of all of that, ShutterStem just needs to help me [help anyone] INTERNALIZE THE INVENTORY. Helping as only computers can help. ing.

  • Q. Does that mean I’m starting over with yet another prototype(s) instead of shipping some sort of v1.1?
  • A. Meh.
  • If you’re sticking along for the ride I’d hate to bore you.

June 11, 2011

The only thing I’ve learned recently that’s not probably under some social or contractual NDA

written by natevw @ 12:03 am

I don’t know why I’ve kept it (or maybe I do) but I still have this box of ribbons, tassels, plaques and pins in our closet.

They’re bittersweet memories — of acclaim from teachers, judges, scoring systems – of jealousy and exclusion from classmates, peers and even friends.

My matches would all try so hard while I, along for the ride, always “won”. What was I supposed to do, drop out? Hardly trying, always winning. I hate winning.

High school was the first time I got along with almost everyone instead of almost no one. I owe a lot of that to one classmate, who my freshman year gave me blunt reminders to be a little more socially acceptable. After this friend discovered, our senior year, that I had earned top scholastic honors despite his top scholastic efforts…we didn’t talk much since.

College was dark. I would have actually written a screed raging against some machine, but what the note next to my recurring fantasy really said was simply “Sick of being smart, doing the stupidest thing in the world.”

And somehow, along for the ride, God took me through it and more and beyond and here I sit, awake, the most beautiful girl in the world sleeping beside me, typing on a flattering laptop that I “won” for just doing my job.

I hate winning.

Is that why I so eagerly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Is that why I’m so uncomfortable leading? Maybe that’s why I act socially unacceptable: to make others uncomfortable with my leadership? So I’ll lose?

I’m going to learn to enjoy being smart. Maybe some will choose to exclude me because of it, but I’m done excluding myself on account of a capacity someone else chose for me.