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August 22, 2007

Minimum fuss, powerful ripping with Max

written by natevw @ 8:11 pm

This evening CDex, my long-time Windows ripping friend, turned fiend and messed up my settings. Unable to decide whether Stereo or J-Stereo, MPEG version I, II or II.5, and which VBR Method was best, I decided I was ready to stop using Windows to rip CDs. While iTunes does a good job at ripping, it uses a different filename and folder structure than all my previously ripped CDs.

I found Max, and I like it. It’s free, and has a good blend of power packed into a (mostly) intuitive interface. You can edit metadata on an album or track basis (or automatically fetch it from MusicBrainz), drag in artwork (or have it grab from Amazon) and easily choose presets for (or customize) a large number of output encoders. While not perfect, it’s a great example of a heavily-customizable, workaday utility that still feels right on a Macintosh.

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